Auberge de Saugras - Hôtel Restaurant

Tradition and terroir...
The aveyronnaises origins of Jerome Aurelle are the guarantee of an authentic cuisine du terroir which he knew to marry with aromatic subtleties of the Mediterranean cuisine; cuisine regularly recognized by many professional gastronomical guides.
In one of the 2 rooms of the restaurant, or on the summer terrace you will be able to taste à la carte or with the menus the foie gras maison, the pork-butcheries aveyronnaises, the trout miller of Saint Guilhem the Desert, the gardianne of bull, the boletus of the Cevennes, the Mediterranean fish, the tripous...

The Cellar Wine rich of almost 300 vintages will supplement with subtlety your gastronomical pause.
Quality and traceability...
We respect a personal charter of quality and traceability for the products we use. Fruits, vegetables, olives and honey of local producers, olive oil of Pignan and St Jean de Fos, fish of the Mediterranean sea, moulds and oysters of Bouzigues, escargots fromlocal stockbreeders, trouts of St Guilhem the Desert, bulls of the Camargue, pélardons AOC of Languedoc, foie gras farm Label Rouge, shellfish of Bretagne, Label Rouge salmon of Scotland, AOC or labellized meats and poultries .

If some product was suddenly missing, we replace it by another of equivalent quality.
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